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Internet is full of drunk videos, and we laugh when we see them. Every time we watch a drunk video and laugh we are contributing to the consumption of alcohol in minors, if we stop laughing it will not be so funny to be drunk. That is why FAD and YouTube on the World Without Alcohol Day collaborate creating PAUSE ALCOHOL. Introducing messages in the most watched drunk videos, one when they stop it and another if they see it until the end. With this we speak to society to reflect on the example we give to younger generations without realizing it.

Finalist El Sol Festival Iberoamericano
tablet pausing vide0 pause alcohol image
tablet till the end message image pause

 This is what happens when you pause it.

An this when you watch it till the end.

PAUSE ALCOHOL NEW PNG en negro-07.png

Partner in this project Laura Sáez (Art Director)

Art Director: Paula Sotomayor.

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